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Individual Workshop:


Skill Development and Self-Awareness workshop that focuses on calming techniques, self-esteem, and self-worth. Interactive activities to improve Resilience, Strength, and Self-Renewal for parents overwhelmed with life as an Autism parent.

Training Program/Workshop Series:


Program and workshops that enhance skills and knowledge, such as managing overwhelm, effective communication, and goal setting for daily tasks as well as educational, career, and financial goals. These skills can help Autism parents to feel confident and better equipped to successfully interact with and address their children's needs and empower parents to develop and to pursue their goals.

Weeks 1-4: Managing Stress and Overwhelm

We focus on rebuilding Emotional Resilience through discussion and interactive activities to define 4 Stages of Overwhelm and the corresponding Strategies for Resolve.

Weeks 5-8: Creating Your SoulFlow Plan

Dissecting and unraveling 4 Types of Barriers and Blockades along with Strategies for Personal Growth and Achievement to accomplish one's personal and professional goals to decrease stress relating to financial insecurity.


Resilience to

the Challenges
of Autism Life!
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